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In early 2019, astronomers submitted 573 science white papers to the Astro2020 Decadal Survey on Astronomy and Astrophysics organized by the National Academy of Sciences. In partnership with the American Astronomical Society, these white papers are being published in the Bulletin of the AAS. Below you may find a table of all of the science white papers, in the order of their submission, with links to the papers in PDF form as well as their records on NASA ADS.

ADS holds the detailed authorship and bibliographic information. Along with the listing below, the full listing of science white papers is also available as this ADS Library.

Note: all content here was entered in by the authors and vetted on a best-effort basis. If you discover any mistakes, please contact and/or submit a correction to ADS. (Each ADS abstract page has a “Feedback/Corrections?” link at the bottom right.)

Principal Author Title PDF & Citation NASA ADS Bibcode
Weisz, Daniel Near-Field Cosmology with the Lowest-Mass Galaxies 2019 BAAS 51(3) 001 2019BAAS...51c...1W
Timmes, Frank Catching Element Formation In The Act ; The Case for a New MeV Gamma-Ray Mission: Radionuclide Astronomy in the 2020s 2019 BAAS 51(3) 002 2019BAAS...51c...2T
Wheeler, J. Craig ELT Contributions to The First Explosions 2019 BAAS 51(3) 003 2019BAAS...51c...3W
Wheeler, J. Craig ELT Contributions to Tidal Disruption Events 2019 BAAS 51(3) 004 2019BAAS...51c...4W
Ji, Hantao Major Scientific Challenges and Opportunities in Understanding Magnetic Reconnection and Related Explosive Phenomena throughout the Universe 2019 BAAS 51(3) 005 2019BAAS...51c...5J
Burns, Jack Dark Cosmology: Investigating Dark Matter & Exotic Physics in the Dark Ages using the Redshifted 21-cm Global Spectrum 2019 BAAS 51(3) 006 2019BAAS...51c...6B
Sheikh, David Method to aluminum-coat telescope mirrors in space for EUV-broadband astronomy (opted out of BAAS publication) 2019astro2020T...7S
Fundator, Michael Galileo Galilei versus Aristotle, Philosophy of motion, Galileo’s contemporaries, very large numbers, Fermat’s Last Theorem, and speed of light. 2019 BAAS 51(3) 008 2019BAAS...51c...8F
Sathnur, Ashwini Solar flares and Quantum Neural Networks 2019 BAAS 51(3) 009 2019BAAS...51c...9S
Eracleous, Michael An Arena for Multi-Messenger Astrophysics: Inspiral and Tidal Disruption of White Dwarfs by Massive Black Holes 2019 BAAS 51(3) 010 2019BAAS...51c..10E
Rieke, George JWST/MIRI Surveys in GOODS-S 2019 BAAS 51(3) 011 2019BAAS...51c..11R
Kopparapu, Ravi Kumar Exoplanet Diversity in the Era of Space-based Direct Imaging Missions 2019 BAAS 51(3) 012 2019BAAS...51c..12K
Hunter, Todd Understanding Accretion Outbursts in Massive Protostars through Maser Imaging 2019 BAAS 51(3) 013 2019BAAS...51c..13H
Ntampaka, Michelle The Role of Machine Learning in the Next Decade of Cosmology 2019 BAAS 51(3) 014 2019BAAS...51c..14N
Lunine, Jonathan Comparing key compositional indicators in Jupiter with those in extra-solar giant planets. 2019 BAAS 51(3) 015 2019BAAS...51c..15L
Perlman, Eric Relativistic Jets in the Accretion & Collimation Zone : New Challenges Enabled by New Instruments 2019 BAAS 51(3) 016 2019BAAS...51c..16P
Kurtz, Michael From Dark Energy to Exolife: Improving the Digital Information Infrastructure for Astrophysics 2019 BAAS 51(3) 017 2019BAAS...51c..17K
Juanola-Parramon, Roser Solar System Science with Space Telescopes 2019 BAAS 51(3) 018 2019BAAS...51c..18J
de Pater, Imke Potential for Solar System Science with the ngVLA: the Giant Planets 2019 BAAS 51(3) 019 2019BAAS...51c..19D
Fox, Andrew The Magellanic Stream as a Probe of Astrophysics 2019 BAAS 51(3) 020 2019BAAS...51c..20F
Fox, Andrew Spectroscopic Observations of the Fermi Bubbles 2019 BAAS 51(3) 021 2019BAAS...51c..21F
Hammel, Heidi Solar System Science with the James Webb Space Telescope 2019 BAAS 51(3) 022 2019BAAS...51c..22H
Turyshev, Slava Direct Multi-Pixel Imaging and Spatially-Resolved Spectroscopy of a Potentially Habitable Exoplanet with the Solar Gravitational Lens 2019 BAAS 51(3) 023 2019BAAS...51c..23T
Valencic, Lynne Probing the Structure of Interstellar Dust from Micron to Kpc Scales with X-ray Imaging 2019 BAAS 51(3) 024 2019BAAS...51c..24V
Snios, Bradford X-rays Studies of the Solar System 2019 BAAS 51(3) 025 2019BAAS...51c..25S
Heyer, Mark Far Infrared Spectroscopic Imaging of the Neutral Interstellar Medium in Galaxies 2019 BAAS 51(3) 026 2019BAAS...51c..26H
Pasham, Dheeraj Probing the Cosmological Evolution of Super-massive Black Holes using Tidal Disruption Flares 2019 BAAS 51(3) 027 2019BAAS...51c..27P
Wolk, Scott X-ray Studies of Exoplanets 2019 BAAS 51(3) 028 2019BAAS...51c..28W
Wrobel, Joan Intermediate-Mass Black Holes in Extragalactic Globular Clusters 2019 BAAS 51(3) 029 2019BAAS...51c..29W
Robertson, Brant Understanding Galaxy Formation via Near-Infrared Surveys in the 2020s 2019 BAAS 51(3) 030 2019BAAS...51c..30R
Ramirez, Ramses Habitable zone predictions and how to test them 2019 BAAS 51(3) 031 2019BAAS...51c..31R
Berti, Emanuele Tests of General Relativity and Fundamental Physics with Space-based Gravitational Wave Detectors 2019 BAAS 51(3) 032 2019BAAS...51c..32B
Fossati, Luca Ultraviolet Spectropolarimetry as a Tool for Understanding the Diversity of Exoplanetary Atmospheres 2019 BAAS 51(3) 033 2019BAAS...51c..33F
Littenberg, Tyson Gravitational wave survey of galactic ultra compact binaries 2019 BAAS 51(3) 034 2019BAAS...51c..34L
Gallo, Elena Towards a high accuracy measurement of the local black hole occupation fraction in low mass galaxies 2019 BAAS 51(3) 035 2019BAAS...51c..35G
Frank, Adam Exoplanets and High Energy Density Plasma Science 2019 BAAS 51(3) 036 2019BAAS...51c..36F
Kashlinsky, Alexander Populations behind the source-subtracted cosmic infrared background anisotropies 2019 BAAS 51(3) 037 2019BAAS...51c..37K
Burns, Eric A Summary of Multimessenger Science with Neutron Star Mergers 2019 BAAS 51(3) 038 2019BAAS...51c..38B
Bradac, Marusa Spectroscopic Probes of Galaxies at the Epoch of Reionization 2019 BAAS 51(3) 039 2019BAAS...51c..39B
Pisani, Alice Cosmic voids: a novel probe to shed light on our Universe 2019 BAAS 51(3) 040 2019BAAS...51c..40P
Carilli, Christopher Imaging molecular gas in high redshift galaxies at <=1 kpc resolution 2019 BAAS 51(3) 041 2019BAAS...51c..41C
Berry, Christopher The unique potential of extreme mass-ratio inspirals for gravitational-wave astronomy 2019 BAAS 51(3) 042 2019BAAS...51c..42B
Sehgal, Neelima Science from an Ultra-Deep, High-Resolution Millimeter-Wave Survey 2019 BAAS 51(3) 043 2019BAAS...51c..43S
Chary, Ranga Ram Cosmology in the 2020s Needs Precision and Accuracy: The Case for Euclid/LSST/WFIRST Joint Survey Processing 2019 BAAS 51(3) 044 2019BAAS...51c..44C
Rieke, Marcia JWST GTO/ERS Deep Surveys 2019 BAAS 51(3) 045 2019BAAS...51c..45R
Harrington, Kevin The Extended Cool Gas Reservoirs Within z > 1 (Proto-)Cluster Environments 2019 BAAS 51(3) 046 2019BAAS...51c..46H
Grossan, Bruce Measurement of the Optical-IR Spectral Shape of Prompt Gamma-Ray Burst Emission: A Timely Call to Action for Gamma-Ray Burst Science 2019 BAAS 51(3) 047 2019BAAS...51c..47G
Cooray, Asantha Cosmic Dawn and Reionization: Astrophysics in the Final Frontier 2019 BAAS 51(3) 048 2019BAAS...51c..48C
Roederer, Ian The Potential of Ultraviolet Spectroscopy to Open New Frontiers to Study the First Stars 2019 BAAS 51(3) 049 2019BAAS...51c..49R
De Zotti, Gianfranco Early evolution of galaxies and of large-scale structure from CMB experiments 2019 BAAS 51(3) 050 2019BAAS...51c..50D
Kashlinsky, Alexander Electromagnetic probes of primordial black holes as dark matter 2019 BAAS 51(3) 051 2019BAAS...51c..51K
Chaufray, Jean-Yves UV Exploration of the solar system (opted out of BAAS publication) 2019astro2020T..52C
Erskine, David Direct Acceleration: Cosmic and Exoplanet Synergies 2019 BAAS 51(3) 053 2019BAAS...51c..53E
De Zotti, Gianfranco Radio sources in next-generation CMB surveys 2019 BAAS 51(3) 054 2019BAAS...51c..54D
Scowen, Paul Outline of Analysis Studies Conducted by NASA Cosmic Origins Program Analysis Group Members During the Past 10 Years 2019 BAAS 51(3) 055 2019BAAS...51c..55S
Carpenter, Kenneth Stars at High Spatial Resolution 2019 BAAS 51(3) 056 2019BAAS...51c..56C
Hutter, Anne A proposal to exploit galaxy-21cm synergies to shed light on the Epoch of Reionization 2019 BAAS 51(3) 057 2019BAAS...51c..57H
Beichman, Charles Direct Imaging and Spectroscopy of Exoplanets with the James Webb Space Telescope 2019 BAAS 51(3) 058 2019BAAS...51c..58B
Perlman, Eric Kiloparsec-scale Jets: Physics, Emission Mechanisms, and Challenges 2019 BAAS 51(3) 059 2019BAAS...51c..59P
Zemcov, Michael Opportunities for Astrophysical Science from the Inner and Outer Solar System 2019 BAAS 51(3) 060 2019BAAS...51c..60Z
Greene, Thomas Characterizing Transiting Exoplanets with JWST Guaranteed Time and ERS Observations 2019 BAAS 51(3) 061 2019BAAS...51c..61G
Zoghbi, Abderahmen Supermassive Black Hole Spin and Reverberation 2019 BAAS 51(3) 062 2019BAAS...51c..62Z
Liu, Adrian Cosmology with the Highly Redshifted 21 cm Line 2019 BAAS 51(3) 063 2019BAAS...51c..63L
Dvorkin, Cora Neutrino Mass from Cosmology: Probing Physics Beyond the Standard Model 2019 BAAS 51(3) 064 2019BAAS...51c..64D
Neveu, Marc Investigating the Solar System’s Ocean Worlds with Next-Generation Space Telescopes 2019 BAAS 51(3) 065 2019BAAS...51c..65N
Sadavoy, Sarah The Life Cycle of Dust 2019 BAAS 51(3) 066 2019BAAS...51c..66S
Caldwell, Robert Astro2020 Science White Paper: Cosmology with a Space-Based Gravitational Wave Observatory 2019 BAAS 51(3) 067 2019BAAS...51c..67C
Holler, Bryan “It’s full of asteroids!”: Solar system science with a large field of view 2019 BAAS 51(3) 068 2019BAAS...51c..68H
Gaspar, Andras Modeling Debris Disk Evolution 2019 BAAS 51(3) 069 2019BAAS...51c..69G
Basu-Zych, Antara Cooking with X-rays: Can X-ray binaries heat the early Universe? 2019 BAAS 51(3) 070 2019BAAS...51c..70B
Bolatto, Alberto Cold Gas Outflows, Feedback, and the Shaping of Galaxies 2019 BAAS 51(3) 071 2019BAAS...51c..71B
Ferraro, Simone Inflation and Dark Energy from spectroscopy at z > 2 2019 BAAS 51(3) 072 2019BAAS...51c..72F
Natarajan, Priyamvada Disentangling nature from nurture: tracing the origin of seed black holes 2019 BAAS 51(3) 073 2019BAAS...51c..73N
Shao, Michael Finding Exo-Earths with Precision Space Astrometry 2019 BAAS 51(3) 074 2019BAAS...51c..74S
Laha, Sibasish The physics and astrophysics of X-ray outflows from Active Galactic Nuclei. 2019 BAAS 51(3) 075 2019BAAS...51c..75L
Cornish, Neil The Discovery Potential of Space-Based Gravitational Wave Astronomy 2019 BAAS 51(3) 076 2019BAAS...51c..76C
Clarke, John Solar System Science with a Space-based UV Telescope 2019 BAAS 51(3) 077 2019BAAS...51c..77C
Caputo, Regina Looking Under a Better Lamppost: MeV-scale Dark Matter Candidates 2019 BAAS 51(3) 078 2019BAAS...51c..78C
Haqq-Misra, Jacob Searching for Technosignatures: Implications of Detection and Non-Detection 2019 BAAS 51(3) 079 2019BAAS...51c..79H
Holland, Wayne Debris disks: Exploring the environment and evolution of planetary systems (opted out of BAAS publication) 2019astro2020T..80H
Cleeves, Ilse Realizing the Unique Potential of ALMA to Probe the Gas Reservoir of Planet Formation 2019 BAAS 51(3) 081 2019BAAS...51c..81C
Cicone, Claudia The hidden circumgalactic medium 2019 BAAS 51(3) 082 2019BAAS...51c..82C
Greene, Jenny The Local Relics of of Supermassive Black Hole Seeds 2019 BAAS 51(3) 083 2019BAAS...51c..83G
Fabbiano, Giuseppina Increasing the Discovery Space in Astrophysics: The Exploration Question for Resolved Stellar Populations 2019 BAAS 51(3) 084 2019BAAS...51c..84F
Fabbiano, Giuseppina Increasing the Discovery Space in Astrophysics: The Exploration Question for Stars and Stellar Evolution 2019 BAAS 51(3) 085 2019BAAS...51c..85F
Fabbiano, Giuseppina Increasing the Discovery Space in Astrophysics: The Exploration Question for Planetary Systems 2019 BAAS 51(3) 086 2019BAAS...51c..86F
Fabbiano, Giuseppina Increasing the Discovery Space in Astrophysics: The Exploration Question for Galaxy Evolution 2019 BAAS 51(3) 087 2019BAAS...51c..87F
Fabbiano, Giuseppina Increasing the Discovery Space in Astrophysics: The Exploration Question for Cosmology 2019 BAAS 51(3) 088 2019BAAS...51c..88F
Fabbiano, Giuseppina Increasing the Discovery Space in Astrophysics: The Exploration Question for Compact Objects 2019 BAAS 51(3) 089 2019BAAS...51c..89F
de Kleer, Katherine Solar System Satellites: Key Science Enabled by the ngVLA 2019 BAAS 51(3) 090 2019BAAS...51c..90D
Arney, Giada The Sun-like Stars Opportunity 2019 BAAS 51(3) 091 2019BAAS...51c..91A
Rani, Bindu Multi-Physics of AGN Jets in the Multi-Messenger Era 2019 BAAS 51(3) 092 2019BAAS...51c..92R
Sarazin, Fred What is the nature and origin of the highest-energy particles in the universe? 2019 BAAS 51(3) 093 2019BAAS...51c..93S
Stauffer, John The IMF at Very Low Mass Using Near-IR Surveys from Space: The Need for Deep K-band Imaging 2019 BAAS 51(3) 094 2019BAAS...51c..94S
Leggett, Sandy Discovery of Cold Brown Dwarfs or Free-Floating Giant Planets Close to the Sun 2019 BAAS 51(3) 095 2019BAAS...51c..95L
Savin, Daniel Wolf Astrophysical Science enabled by Laboratory Astrophysics Studies in Atomic, Molecular, and Optical (AMO) Physics 2019 BAAS 51(3) 096 2019BAAS...51c..96S
Slosar, Anze Dark Energy and Modified Gravity 2019 BAAS 51(3) 097 2019BAAS...51c..97S
Slosar, Anze Scratches from the Past: Inflationary Archaeology through Features in the Power Spectrum of Primordial Fluctuations 2019 BAAS 51(3) 098 2019BAAS...51c..98S
Goicoechea, Javier R. Stellar Feedback in the ISM Revealed by Wide-Field Far-Infrared Spectral-Imaging 2019 BAAS 51(3) 099 2019BAAS...51c..99G
McConnell, Mark Prompt Emission Polarimetry of Gamma-Ray Bursts 2019 BAAS 51(3) 100 2019BAAS...51c.100M
Kovetz, Ely Astrophysics and Cosmology with Line-Intensity Mapping 2019 BAAS 51(3) 101 2019BAAS...51c.101K
Miller, Jon Accretion in Stellar-Mass Black Holes at High X-ray Spectral Resolution 2019 BAAS 51(3) 102 2019BAAS...51c.102M
Tombesi, Francesco Do Supermassive Black Hole Winds Impact Galaxy Evolution? 2019 BAAS 51(3) 103 2019BAAS...51c.103T
Rix, Hans-Walter Binaries Matter Everywhere: from Precision Calibrations to Re-Ionization and Gravitational Waves 2019 BAAS 51(3) 104 2019BAAS...51c.104R
Kirkpatrick, J.Davy The Need for Infrared Astrometry of Brown Dwarfs in the Post-Gaia Era 2019 BAAS 51(3) 105 2019BAAS...51c.105K
Berea, Anamaria The Promise of Data Science for the Technosignatures Field 2019 BAAS 51(3) 106 2019BAAS...51c.106B
Meerburg, Pieter Daniel Primordial Non-Gaussianity 2019 BAAS 51(3) 107 2019BAAS...51c.107M
Kirkpatrick, J. Davy Opportunities in Time-domain Stellar Astrophysics with the NASA Near-Earth Object Camera (NEOCam) 2019 BAAS 51(3) 108 2019BAAS...51c.108K
Cutler, Curt What can we learn from multi-band observations of black hole binaries? 2019 BAAS 51(3) 109 2019BAAS...51c.109C
Martinez Pillet, Valentin Synoptic Studies of the Sun as a Key to Understanding Stellar Astrospheres 2019 BAAS 51(3) 110 2019BAAS...51c.110M
Lis, Dariusz D/H Ratio in Water and the Origin of Earth’s Oceans 2019 BAAS 51(3) 111 2019BAAS...51c.111L
Kara, Erin X-ray follow-up of extragalactic transients 2019 BAAS 51(3) 112 2019BAAS...51c.112K
Drake, Jeremy High-Energy Photon and Particle Effects on Exoplanet Atmospheres and Habitability 2019 BAAS 51(3) 113 2019BAAS...51c.113D
Rhodes, Jason The End of Galaxy Surveys 2019 BAAS 51(3) 114 2019BAAS...51c.114R
Cristofari, Pierre Where are the pevatrons? 2019 BAAS 51(3) 115 2019BAAS...51c.115C
Salter, Christopher Radio Scintillation Studies of Comet Ion Tails 2019 BAAS 51(3) 116 2019BAAS...51c.116S
Pacucci, Fabio Detecting the Birth of Supermassive Black Holes Formed from Heavy Seeds 2019 BAAS 51(3) 117 2019BAAS...51c.117P
McArthur, Barbara All-Sky Near Infrared Space Astrometry 2019 BAAS 51(3) 118 2019BAAS...51c.118M
Fundator, Michael Application of timescale, magnitudes, and fractal time with Stein estimators to astronomical observations. 2019 BAAS 51(3) 119 2019BAAS...51c.119F
Margot, Jean-Luc Structure of terrestrial planets and ocean worlds 2019 BAAS 51(3) 120 2019BAAS...51c.120M
Fan, Xiaohui The First Luminous Quasars and Their Host Galaxies 2019 BAAS 51(3) 121 2019BAAS...51c.121F
Fryer, Chris Core-Collapse Supernovae and Multi-Messenger Astronomy 2019 BAAS 51(3) 122 2019BAAS...51c.122F
Baker, John Multimessenger science opportunities with mHz gravitational waves 2019 BAAS 51(3) 123 2019BAAS...51c.123B
Mroczkowski, Tony A High-resolution SZ View of the Warm-Hot Universe 2019 BAAS 51(3) 124 2019BAAS...51c.124M
Behroozi, Peter Empirically Constraining Galaxy Evolution 2019 BAAS 51(3) 125 2019BAAS...51c.125B
Kamraj, Nikita Probing the Physical Properties of the Corona in Accreting Black Holes 2019 BAAS 51(3) 126 2019BAAS...51c.126K
Zaritsky, Dennis Emission Line Mapping of the Circumgalactic Medium of Nearby Galaxies 2019 BAAS 51(3) 127 2019BAAS...51c.127Z
Mazin, Ben Directly Imaging Rocky Planets from the Ground 2019 BAAS 51(3) 128 2019BAAS...51c.128M
Lyra, Wladimir Planet formation — The case for large efforts on the computational side 2019 BAAS 51(3) 129 2019BAAS...51c.129L
Crichton, Daniel On the Use of Planetary Science Data for Studying Extrasolar Planets 2019 BAAS 51(3) 130 2019BAAS...51c.130C
Schroeder, Frank High-Energy Galactic Cosmic Rays 2019 BAAS 51(3) 131 2019BAAS...51c.131S
Cartwright, Richard Exploring the composition of icy bodies at the fringes of the Solar System with next generation space telescopes 2019 BAAS 51(3) 132 2019BAAS...51c.132C
Tinto, Massimo Space-Based Gravitational Wave Observations in the Mid-Band Frequency Region 2019 BAAS 51(3) 133 2019BAAS...51c.133T
Gluscevic, Vera Cosmological Probes of Dark Matter Interactions: The Next Decade 2019 BAAS 51(3) 134 2019BAAS...51c.134G
Lazio, Joseph Magnetic Fields of Extrasolar Planets: Planetary Interiors and Habitability 2019 BAAS 51(3) 135 2019BAAS...51c.135L
Roederer, Ian The astrophysical r-process and the origin of the heaviest elements 2019 BAAS 51(3) 136 2019BAAS...51c.136R
Anderson, Loren HII Regions and the Warm Ionized Medium 2019 BAAS 51(3) 137 2019BAAS...51c.137A
Lopez-Rodriguez, Enrique Tracing the feeding and feedback of active galaxies 2019 BAAS 51(3) 138 2019BAAS...51c.138L
Darling, Jeremy Extragalactic Proper Motions: Gravitational Waves and Cosmology 2019 BAAS 51(3) 139 2019BAAS...51c.139D
Kim, Alex Testing Gravity Using Type Ia Supernovae Discovered by Next-Generation Wide-Field Imaging Surveys 2019 BAAS 51(3) 140 2019BAAS...51c.140K
Reitze, David The US Program in Ground-Based Gravitational Wave Science: Contribution from the LIGO Laboratory 2019 BAAS 51(3) 141 2019BAAS...51c.141R
Furlanetto, Steven Synergies Between Galaxy Surveys and Reionization Measurements 2019 BAAS 51(3) 142 2019BAAS...51c.142F
Furlanetto, Steven Insights Into the Epoch of Reionization with the Highly-Redshifted 21-cm Line 2019 BAAS 51(3) 143 2019BAAS...51c.143F
Furlanetto, Steven Fundamental Cosmology in the Dark Ages with 21-cm Line Fluctuations 2019 BAAS 51(3) 144 2019BAAS...51c.144F
Newman, Andrew Resolving Galaxy Formation at Cosmic Noon 2019 BAAS 51(3) 145 2019BAAS...51c.145N
Fortney, Jonathan The Need for Laboratory Measurements and Ab Initio Studies to Aid Understanding of Exoplanetary Atmospheres (opted out of BAAS publication) 2019astro2020T.146F
Darling, Jeremy A Formaldehyde Deep Field 2019 BAAS 51(3) 147 2019BAAS...51c.147D
Rudie, Gwen C. Observing Galaxies and Dissecting their Baryon Cycle at Cosmic Noon 2019 BAAS 51(3) 148 2019BAAS...51c.148R
Kowalski, Adam Developing a vision for exoplanetary transit spectroscopy: a shared window on the analysis of planetary atmospheres and of stellar magnetic structure 2019 BAAS 51(3) 149 2019BAAS...51c.149K
Krawczynski, Henric Using X-Ray Polarimetry to Probe the Physics of Black Holes and Neutron Stars 2019 BAAS 51(3) 150 2019BAAS...51c.150K
Orlando, Elena Cosmic Rays and interstellar medium with Gamma-Ray Observations at MeV Energies 2019 BAAS 51(3) 151 2019BAAS...51c.151O
Lee, Chien-Hsiu Identification and characterization of the host stars in planetary microlensing with ELTs 2019 BAAS 51(3) 152 2019BAAS...51c.152L
Simon, Joshua Testing the Nature of Dark Matter with Extremely Large Telescopes 2019 BAAS 51(3) 153 2019BAAS...51c.153S
Currie, Thayne The Critical Strategic Importance of Adaptive Optics-Assisted Ground-Based Telescopes for the Success of Future NASA Exoplanet Direct Imaging Missions 2019 BAAS 51(3) 154 2019BAAS...51c.154C
Price, Sara Picturing a Panchromatic Past and Future 2019 BAAS 51(3) 155 2019BAAS...51c.155P
Kishimoto, Makoto Exploring Active Supermassive Black Holes at 100 Micro-arcsecond Resolution 2019 BAAS 51(3) 156 2019BAAS...51c.156K
Lebouteiller, Vianney ISM and CGM in external galaxies 2019 BAAS 51(3) 157 2019BAAS...51c.157L
Krissansen-Totton, Joshua Atmospheric disequilibrium as an exoplanet biosignature: Opportunities for next generation telescopes 2019 BAAS 51(3) 158 2019BAAS...51c.158K
Green, Daniel Messengers from the Early Universe: Cosmic Neutrinos and Other Light Relics 2019 BAAS 51(3) 159 2019BAAS...51c.159G
Marin, Frédéric The role of Active Galactic Nuclei in galaxy evolution: insights from space ultraviolet spectropolarimetry 2019 BAAS 51(3) 160 2019BAAS...51c.160M
Kreckel, Kathryn Mapping Gas Phase Abundances and Enrichment Patterns Across Galaxy Disks 2019 BAAS 51(3) 161 2019BAAS...51c.161K
Lopez-Morales, Mercedes Detecting Earth-like Biosignatures on Rocky Exoplanets around Nearby Stars with Ground-based Extremely Large Telescopes 2019 BAAS 51(3) 162 2019BAAS...51c.162L
Roederer, Ian The First Stars and the Origin of the Elements 2019 BAAS 51(3) 163 2019BAAS...51c.163R
Lesyna, Larry A Technosignature Carrying a Message Will Likely Inform us of Crucial Biological Details of Life Outside our Solar System 2019 BAAS 51(3) 164 2019BAAS...51c.164L
Oberg, Karin Astrochemical Origins of Planetary Systems 2019 BAAS 51(3) 165 2019BAAS...51c.165O
Ji, Alexander Local Dwarf Galaxy Archaeology 2019 BAAS 51(3) 166 2019BAAS...51c.166J
France, Kevin Detecting Protoplanets and Tracing the Composition and Evolution of Planet-forming Material with Large UV/Optical Observatories 2019 BAAS 51(3) 167 2019BAAS...51c.167F
Toloza, Odette Understanding the evolution of close white dwarf binaries 2019 BAAS 51(3) 168 2019BAAS...51c.168T
Muirhead, Philip Searching for Exosatellites Orbiting L and T Dwarfs: Connecting Planet Formation to Moon Formation and Finding New Temperate Worlds 2019 BAAS 51(3) 169 2019BAAS...51c.169M
Gaensicke, Boris Evolved Planetary Systems around White Dwarfs 2019 BAAS 51(3) 170 2019BAAS...51c.170G
Gies, Douglas High Angular Resolution Astrophysics: Evolutionary Impact of Stellar Mass Loss 2019 BAAS 51(3) 171 2019BAAS...51c.171G
Rahmani, Hadi Quasar absorption lines as astrophysical probes of fundamental physics and cosmology (opted out of BAAS publication) 2019astro2020T.172R
Bellini, Andrea Science at the edges: internal kinematics of globular clusters’ external fields (opted out of BAAS publication) 2019astro2020T.173B
Isella, Andrea Observing Planetary Systems in the Making 2019 BAAS 51(3) 174 2019BAAS...51c.174I
Bellovary, Jillian Where are the Intermediate Mass Black Holes? 2019 BAAS 51(3) 175 2019BAAS...51c.175B
Rymer, Abigail Solar System Ice Giants: Exoplanets in our Backyard. 2019 BAAS 51(3) 176 2019BAAS...51c.176R
Wolf, Eric The Importance of 3D General Circulation Models for Characterizing the Climate and Habitability of Terrestrial Extrasolar Planets. (opted out of BAAS publication) 2019astro2020T.177W
Chartas, George A New Era for X-ray Lensing Studies of Quasars and Galaxies 2019 BAAS 51(3) 178 2019BAAS...51c.178C
Taylor, Stuart F. Characterizing the Distribution of Parameters of Planets Found by Radial Velocity is Essential for Understanding Planet Formation and Evolution 2019 BAAS 51(3) 179 2019BAAS...51c.179T
Overzier, Roderik Tracing the formation history of galaxy clusters into the epoch of reionization 2019 BAAS 51(3) 180 2019BAAS...51c.180O
Roettenbacher, Rachael High Angular Resolution Astrophysics: Resolving Stellar Surface Features 2019 BAAS 51(3) 181 2019BAAS...51c.181R
Davidsson, Bjorn Deciphering the Protostellar Disk Evolution Recorded by Cometary Deuterated Water 2019 BAAS 51(3) 182 2019BAAS...51c.182D
Di Mauro, Mattia Prospects for the detection of synchrotron halos around middle-age pulsars 2019 BAAS 51(3) 183 2019BAAS...51c.183D
Chluba, Jens Spectral Distortions of the CMB as a Probe of Inflation, Recombination, Structure Formation and Particle Physics 2019 BAAS 51(3) 184 2019BAAS...51c.184C
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superseded by 2019 BAAS 51(3) 432 2019 BAAS 51(3) 383
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