Astro2020 APC White Papers Index

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In early 2019, astronomers submitted 294 “APC” — Activities, Projects, and State of the Profession Considerations — white papers to the Astro2020 Decadal Survey on Astronomy and Astrophysics organized by the National Academy of Sciences. In partnership with the American Astronomical Society, these white papers are being published in the Bulletin of the AAS. Below you may find a table of all of the APC white papers, in the order of their submission, with links to the papers in PDF form as well as their records on NASA ADS. Some authors opted out of BAAS publication, in which case only summary information is available.

ADS holds the detailed authorship and bibliographic information. Along with the listing below, the full listing of APC white papers is also available as this ADS Library.

Note: all content here was entered in by the authors and vetted on a best-effort basis. If you discover any mistakes, please contact and/or submit a correction to ADS. (Each ADS abstract page has a “Feedback/Corrections?” link at the bottom right.)

Principal Author Title PDF & Citation NASA ADS Bibcode
Nave, Gillian Atomic data for astrophysics: Needs and challenges 2019 BAAS 51(7) 001 2019BAAS...51g...1N
Taylor, Greg The Swarm Development Concept for the LWA 2019 BAAS 51(7) 002 2019BAAS...51g...2T
Moro-Martín, Amaya “Mind the gap”: a call to redesign astronomy graduate education 2019 BAAS 51(7) 003 2019BAAS...51g...3M
Wolff, Sidney The US Extremely Large Telescope Program 2019 BAAS 51(7) 004 2019BAAS...51g...4W
Kamenetzky, Julia Astronomy-driven Careers in the 2020's 2019 BAAS 51(7) 005 2019BAAS...51g...5K
Sehgal, Neelima CMB-HD: An Ultra-Deep, High-Resolution Millimeter-Wave Survey Over Half the Sky 2019 BAAS 51(7) 006 2019BAAS...51g...6S
Savin, Daniel Wolf State of the Profession Considerations for Laboratory Astrophysics 2019 BAAS 51(7) 007 2019BAAS...51g...7S
Moravec, Emily The Early Career Perspective on the Coming Decade, Astrophysics Career Paths, and the Decadal Survey Process 2019 BAAS 51(7) 008 2019BAAS...51g...8M
Shapshak, Paul Problems in Neutrinos and Intergalactic Communication 2019 BAAS 51(7) 009 2019BAAS...51g...9S
Michelson, Peter MFB: Mid-Frequency-Band Space Gravitational Wave Observer for the 2020 Decade 2019 BAAS 51(7) 010 2019BAAS...51g..10M
Besla, Gurtina Training the Future Generation of Computational Researchers 2019 BAAS 51(7) 011 2019BAAS...51g..11B
Feinberg, Lee Ultra-stable Technology for High Contrast Observatories 2019 BAAS 51(7) 012 2019BAAS...51g..12F
Giovannoni, Brian Enabling Richer Data Sets for Future Astrophysics Missions 2019 BAAS 51(7) 013 2019BAAS...51g..13G
Norman, Dara Tying Research Funding to Progress on Inclusion 2019 BAAS 51(7) 014 2019BAAS...51g..14N
Chandra, Kathryn Why Physicists Should Discuss Mental Health 2019 BAAS 51(7) 015 2019BAAS...51g..15C
Szalay, Alexander The Emergence of Long-Lived, High-Value Data Collections 2019 BAAS 51(7) 016 2019BAAS...51g..16S
Mazin, Benjamin MKIDs in the 2020s 2019 BAAS 51(7) 017 2019BAAS...51g..17M
Norman, Dara The Growing Importance of a Tech Savvy Astronomy and Astrophysics Workforce 2019 BAAS 51(7) 018 2019BAAS...51g..18N
Hobbs, David All-Sky Near Infrared Space Astrometry 2019 BAAS 51(7) 019 2019BAAS...51g..19H
Venkatesan, Aparna Collaboration with Integrity: Indigenous Knowledge in 21st Century Astronomy 2019 BAAS 51(7) 020 2019BAAS...51g..20V
Lattis, James Preservation of Our Astronomical Heritage 2019 BAAS 51(7) 021 2019BAAS...51g..21L
Prichard, Laura Enhancing Conference Participation to Bridge the Diversity Gap 2019 BAAS 51(7) 022 2019BAAS...51g..22P
Cooray, Asantha Cosmic Dawn Intensity Mapper 2019 BAAS 51(7) 023 2019BAAS...51g..23C
Norman, Dara Providing a Timely Review of Input Demographics to Advisory Committees 2019 BAAS 51(7) 024 2019BAAS...51g..24N
De Rosa, Gisella Increasing Gender Diversity and Inclusion in Scientific Committees and Related Activities at STScI 2019 BAAS 51(7) 025 2019BAAS...51g..25D
Levesque, Emily Key Challenges for AAS Journals in the Next Decade 2019 BAAS 51(7) 026 2019BAAS...51g..26L
Hirshfeld, Alan History of Astronomy State of the Profession 2019 BAAS 51(7) 027 2019BAAS...51g..27H
Elmegreen, Bruce Physical Analytics Integrated Repository and Services for Astronomy: PAIRS-A 2019 BAAS 51(7) 028 2019BAAS...51g..28E
Rudolph, Alexander Promoting Diversity and Inclusion in Astronomy Graduate Education 2019 BAAS 51(7) 029 2019BAAS...51g..29R
Vikhlinin, Alexey Lynx X-ray Observatory 2019 BAAS 51(7) 030 2019BAAS...51g..30V
Chanover, Nancy The Importance of 4m Class Observatories to Astrophysics in the 2020s 2019 BAAS 51(7) 031 2019BAAS...51g..31C
Rhodes, Jason Subaru and WFIRST: A Partnership for the 2020s 2019 BAAS 51(7) 032 2019BAAS...51g..32R
Swain, Mark Maintaining Infrared Exoplanet Transit and Eclipse Measurement Capability in the Post JWST Era 2019 BAAS 51(7) 033 2019BAAS...51g..33S
Brisken, Walter The Status and Future of the Very Long Baseline Array 2019 BAAS 51(7) 034 2019BAAS...51g..34B
Reitze, David Cosmic Explorer: The U.S. Contribution to Gravitational-Wave Astronomy beyond LIGO 2019 BAAS 51(7) 035 2019BAAS...51g..35R
Teplitz, Harry Supporting Archival Research with Euclid and SPHEREx Data 2019 BAAS 51(7) 036 2019BAAS...51g..36T
Yu, Nan Space Laboratory Experiments For Probing Dark Energy and Fundamental Physics 2019 BAAS 51(7) 037 2019BAAS...51g..37Y
Burgasser, Adam It's Time to Eliminate the GRE and PGRE in All Astronomy & Astrophysics PhD Programs: Motivation, Implementation and Outcomes 2019 BAAS 51(7) 038 2019BAAS...51g..38B
Wright, Jason Searches for Technosignatures: The State of the Profession 2019 BAAS 51(7) 039 2019BAAS...51g..39W
Baranec, Christoph Robotic laser adaptive optics for rapid visible/near-infrared AO imaging and boosted-sensitivity low-resolution NIR integral field spectroscopy 2019 BAAS 51(7) 040 2019BAAS...51g..40B
Aloisi, Alessandra (Un)conscious Bias in the Astronomical Profession: Universal Recommendations to improve Fairness, Inclusiveness, and Representation 2019 BAAS 51(7) 041 2019BAAS...51g..41A
Schilffarth, Adam ASTROCHPS 2019 BAAS 51(7) 042 2019BAAS...51g..42S
Breckinridge, James Physical barriers to Imaging & Spectroscopy of Terrestrial Exoplanets 2019 BAAS 51(7) 043 2019BAAS...51g..43B
Najita, Joan Investing for Discovery in Astronomy 2019 BAAS 51(7) 044 2019BAAS...51g..44N
Ellis, Richard SpecTel: A 10-12 meter class Spectroscopic Survey Telescope 2019 BAAS 51(7) 045 2019BAAS...51g..45E
Romero-Wolf, Andres Reaching for the next decade with a deep valley detector for high energy tau neutrinos 2019 BAAS 51(7) 046 2019BAAS...51g..46R
Walker, Christopher Orbiting Astronomical Satellite for Investigating Stellar Systems (OASIS): Following Water from the Interstellar Medium to Oceans 2019 BAAS 51(7) 047 2019BAAS...51g..47W
Mather, John Orbiting Starshade: Observing Exoplanets at visible wavelengths with GMT, TMT, and ELT 2019 BAAS 51(7) 048 2019BAAS...51g..48M
Williamson, Kathryn Embedding Climate Change Engagement in Astronomy Education and Research 2019 BAAS 51(7) 049 2019BAAS...51g..49W
Mukherjee, Rudranarayan When is it Worth Assembling Observatories in Space? 2019 BAAS 51(7) 050 2019BAAS...51g..50M
Genet, Russell CubeSat Astronomical Telescops and Research in the 2020s 2019 BAAS 51(7) 051 2019BAAS...51g..51G
Smith, Arfon Elevating the Role of Software as a Product of the Research Enterprise 2019 BAAS 51(7) 052 2019BAAS...51g..52S
Slosar, Anze Packed Ultra-wideband Mapping Array (PUMA): A Radio Telescope for Cosmology and Transients 2019 BAAS 51(7) 053 2019BAAS...51g..53S
Levenson, Nancy A. Scientific Advancement through Flagship Space Missions 2019 BAAS 51(7) 054 2019BAAS...51g..54L
Smith, Arfon Astronomy should be in the clouds 2019 BAAS 51(7) 055 2019BAAS...51g..55S
Bastian, Tim Frequency Agile Solar Radiotelescope (opted out of BAAS publication) 2019astro2020U..56B
Levi, Michael The Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI) 2019 BAAS 51(7) 057 2019BAAS...51g..57L
Klaassen, Pamela The Atacama Large Aperture Submillimeter Telescope (AtLAST) 2019 BAAS 51(7) 058 2019BAAS...51g..58K
Cooray, Asantha Origins Space Telescope: From First Light to Life 2019 BAAS 51(7) 059 2019BAAS...51g..59C
Kern, Jeffrey The Science Ready Data Products Revolution at the NRAO 2019 BAAS 51(7) 060 2019BAAS...51g..60K
Olsen, Knut The Data Lab: A Science Platform for the analysis of ground-based astronomical survey data 2019 BAAS 51(7) 061 2019BAAS...51g..61O
O'Meara, John The need for robust, near real-time data services on large, ground-based OIR facilities 2019 BAAS 51(7) 062 2019BAAS...51g..62O
Kassis, Marc MIDI: the Major Instrumentation Design Incubation program to ensure and bolster future ground based OIR science 2019 BAAS 51(7) 063 2019BAAS...51g..63K
O'Meara, John Evolving ground/space coordination to maximize the science of the 2020s and beyond 2019 BAAS 51(7) 064 2019BAAS...51g..64O
Plavchan, Peter EarthFinder: A Probe Mission Concept 2019 BAAS 51(7) 065 2019BAAS...51g..65P
Plavchan, Peter A partial solution to the “Postdoc Crisis” is needed 2019 BAAS 51(7) 066 2019BAAS...51g..66P
Otte, Nepomuk Trinity: An Air-Shower Imaging Instrument to detect Ultrahigh Energy Neutrinos 2019 BAAS 51(7) 067 2019BAAS...51g..67O
Arenberg, Jonathan Stella Splendida: Building the science and engineering workforce of the 21st Century 2019 BAAS 51(7) 068 2019BAAS...51g..68A
Koopmann, Rebecca Integrating Undergraduate Research and Faculty Development in a Legacy Astronomy Research Project 2019 BAAS 51(7) 069 2019BAAS...51g..69K
O'Neil, Karen The Case for a Fully Funded Green Bank Telescope 2019 BAAS 51(7) 070 2019BAAS...51g..70O
Timbie, Peter Research and Development for HI Intensity Mapping 2019 BAAS 51(7) 071 2019BAAS...51g..71T
O'Neil, Karen The Role of National Observatories in Professional Astronomy Training 2019 BAAS 51(7) 072 2019BAAS...51g..72O
O'Neil, Karen Green Bank Observatory — Broader Impact 2019 BAAS 51(7) 073 2019BAAS...51g..73O
Hill, Frank ngGONG: The Next Generation GONG – A New Solar Synoptic Observational Network 2019 BAAS 51(7) 074 2019BAAS...51g..74H
Rasmussen, Kaitlin The Nonbinary Fraction: Looking Towards the Future of Gender Equity in Astronomy 2019 BAAS 51(7) 075 2019BAAS...51g..75R
Monreal, Benjamin WAET: low-cost ground based telescopes for accelerated exoplanet direct imaging 2019 BAAS 51(7) 076 2019BAAS...51g..76M
Thorpe, James Ira The Laser Interferometer Space Antenna: Unveiling the Millihertz Gravitational Wave Sky 2019 BAAS 51(7) 077 2019BAAS...51g..77T
Buckley, James The Advanced Particle-astrophysics Telescope (APT) 2019 BAAS 51(7) 078 2019BAAS...51g..78B
Ridgway, Stephen Ground Based Optical Astronomy – Keeping the Innovation Window Open 2019 BAAS 51(7) 079 2019BAAS...51g..79R
Coyle, Laura Ultra-Stable Telescope Research and Analysis (ULTRA) 2019 BAAS 51(7) 080 2019BAAS...51g..80C
McKinnon, Mark ngVLA: The Next Generation Very Large Array 2019 BAAS 51(7) 081 2019BAAS...51g..81M
O'Mullane, William The demise of the filesystem and multi level service architecture 2019 BAAS 51(7) 082 2019BAAS...51g..82O
Helou, George Enhancing WFIRST Science with the Addition of a Redder Filter 2019 BAAS 51(7) 083 2019BAAS...51g..83H
Danchi, William Cosmic Evolution Through UV Spectroscopy (CETUS) Probe-Class Mission Concept 2019 BAAS 51(7) 084 2019BAAS...51g..84D
Camp, Jordan Transient Astrophysics Probe 2019 BAAS 51(7) 085 2019BAAS...51g..85C
Chen, Weibo Advanced Mechanical Cryocooler Technology Maturation (opted out of BAAS publication) 2019astro2020U..86C
Cooray, Asantha A NASA-led US Contribution to the ESA/JAXA SPICA Mission: Unveiling the Dust Obscured Universe 2019 BAAS 51(7) 087 2019BAAS...51g..87C
Beasley, Anthony Multiwavelength Astrophysics in the Era of the ngVLA and the US ELT Program 2019 BAAS 51(7) 088 2019BAAS...51g..88B
Gaudi, Scott The Habitable Exoplanet Observatory (HabEx) 2019 BAAS 51(7) 089 2019BAAS...51g..89G
Madsen, Kristin Securing The Infrastructure of High-Energy Cross-Calibration 2019 BAAS 51(7) 090 2019BAAS...51g..90M
Crill, Brendan Technology Challenges for the Study of Exoplanets and the Search for Habitable Worlds: Status and Path Forward 2019 BAAS 51(7) 091 2019BAAS...51g..91C
Mostafa, Miguel Science and Design for the Giant Radio Array for Neutrino Detection 2019 BAAS 51(7) 092 2019BAAS...51g..92M
Taylor, Stuart F. Overturning Intentional Barriers to Participation 2019 BAAS 51(7) 093 2019BAAS...51g..93T
Frayer, David Argus+: Wide-Field, High Resolution 3mm Molecular Imaging 2019 BAAS 51(7) 094 2019BAAS...51g..94F
Oey, Sally 2020 Vision: Towards a Sustainable OIR System 2019 BAAS 51(7) 095 2019BAAS...51g..95O
Lopez-Morales, Mercedes Another Servicing Mission to Extend Hubble Space Telescope’s Science past the Next Decade 2019 BAAS 51(7) 096 2019BAAS...51g..96L
Hall, Jeffrey Light Pollution, Radio Interference, and Space Debris: Threats and Opportunities in the 2020s 2019 BAAS 51(7) 097 2019BAAS...51g..97H
Tomsick, John The Compton Spectrometer and Imager 2019 BAAS 51(7) 098 2019BAAS...51g..98T
Olinto, Angela POEMMA: Probe of Extreme Multi-Messenger Astrophysics 2019 BAAS 51(7) 099 2019BAAS...51g..99O
Hogg, David W A better consensus: Changes to the Decadal process itself 2019 BAAS 51(7) 100 2019BAAS...51g.100H
Mazoyer, Johan High-Contrast Testbeds for Future Space-Based Direct Imaging Exoplanet Missions 2019 BAAS 51(7) 101 2019BAAS...51g.101M
Momcheva, Ivelina Long-term Trends in the Astronomical Workforce: Analysis and Recommendations Based on the Publication Histories of >10,000 US Astronomy PhD Recipients (opted out of BAAS publication) 2019astro2020U.102M
Turyshev, Slava Direct Multipixel Imaging and Spatially Resolved Spectroscopy of a Potentially Habitable Exoplanet with the Solar Gravitational Lens 2019 BAAS 51(7) 103 2019BAAS...51g.103T
van Belle, Gerard The Navy Precision Optical Interferometer 2019 BAAS 51(7) 104 2019BAAS...51g.104V
Peek, Joshua Robust Archives Maximize Scientific Accessibility 2019 BAAS 51(7) 105 2019BAAS...51g.105P
Seager, Sara Starshade Rendezvous Probe Mission 2019 BAAS 51(7) 106 2019BAAS...51g.106S
Mushotzky, Richard The Advanced X-ray Imaging Satellite 2019 BAAS 51(7) 107 2019BAAS...51g.107M
Trump, Jonathan Job Training for Astro PhDs 2019 BAAS 51(7) 108 2019BAAS...51g.108T
Huentemeyer, Petra The Southern Wide-Field Gamma-Ray Observatory (SWGO): A Next-Generation Ground-Based Survey Instrument 2019 BAAS 51(7) 109 2019BAAS...51g.109H
Smith, Randall Laboratory Astrophysics Needs for X-ray Grating Spectrometers 2019 BAAS 51(7) 110 2019BAAS...51g.110S
Ganga, Kenneth European Work on Future Ground-Based CMB Experiments 2019 BAAS 51(7) 111 2019BAAS...51g.111G
Glenn, Jason The Galaxy Evolution Probe 2019 BAAS 51(7) 112 2019BAAS...51g.112G
Kogut, Alan CMB Spectral Distortions: Status and Prospects 2019 BAAS 51(7) 113 2019BAAS...51g.113K
Ribaudo, Joseph Primarily Undergraduate Institutions and the Astronomy Community 2019 BAAS 51(7) 114 2019BAAS...51g.114R
Smith, Denise Enabling Science Learning: Effectively Providing a Direct Connection to the Science 2019 BAAS 51(7) 115 2019BAAS...51g.115S
Soderblom, David Research scientists in support of facilities and missions: Facility support and research as an interlocked pair 2019 BAAS 51(7) 116 2019BAAS...51g.116S
Thomas, Brian Using Artificial Intelligence to Augment Science Prioritization for Astro2020 2019 BAAS 51(7) 117 2019BAAS...51g.117T
Beasley, Anthony The National Radio Astronomy Observatory through the 2030s: Strategic Goals and Initiatives 2019 BAAS 51(7) 118 2019BAAS...51g.118B
McEntaffer, Randall The X-ray Grating Spectroscopy Probe 2019 BAAS 51(7) 119 2019BAAS...51g.119M
Mehdi, Imran Far-Infrared Heterodyne Array Receivers 2019 BAAS 51(7) 120 2019BAAS...51g.120M
Van Buren, David Affordable Large Space Observatories 2019 BAAS 51(7) 121 2019BAAS...51g.121V
Crass, Jonathan The need for single-mode fiber-fed spectrographs 2019 BAAS 51(7) 122 2019BAAS...51g.122C
Miller, Richard Ex Luna Scientia: The Lunar Occultation eXplorer (LOX) 2019 BAAS 51(7) 123 2019BAAS...51g.123M
Eikenberry, Stephen PolyOculus: Low-cost Spectroscopy for the Community 2019 BAAS 51(7) 124 2019BAAS...51g.124E
Bellm, Eric Scheduling Discovery in the 2020s 2019 BAAS 51(7) 125 2019BAAS...51g.125B
Marshall, Jennifer The Maunakea Spectroscopic Explorer 2019 BAAS 51(7) 126 2019BAAS...51g.126M
Sheikh, David Mirror Coating Technology and Infrastructure Plans for HabEx and LUVOIR NASA Concept Missions (opted out of BAAS publication) 2019astro2020U.127S
Pepper, Joshua Durable Agency Support for Exoplanet Catalogs and Archives 2019 BAAS 51(7) 128 2019BAAS...51g.128P
Barry, Richard Advanced Astrophysics Discovery Technology in the Era of Data Driven Astronomy 2019 BAAS 51(7) 129 2019BAAS...51g.129B
Bauer, Amanda A Need for Dedicated Outreach Expertise and Online Programming 2019 BAAS 51(7) 130 2019BAAS...51g.130B
Creech-Eakman, Michelle The Magdalena Ridge Observatory Interferometer 2019 BAAS 51(7) 131 2019BAAS...51g.131C
Scowen, Paul ANUBIS – A Probe-Class UVO Space Observatory (AstroNomical Uv proBe Imager & Spectrograph) 2019 BAAS 51(7) 132 2019BAAS...51g.132S
Monnier, John Setting the Stage for the Planet Formation Imager 2019 BAAS 51(7) 133 2019BAAS...51g.133M
Mawet, Dimitri High-resolution Infrared Spectrograph for Exoplanet Characterization with the Keck and Thirty Meter Telescopes 2019 BAAS 51(7) 134 2019BAAS...51g.134M
Kimura, Kaiu A Hua He Inoa: Hawaiian Culture-Based Celestial Naming 2019 BAAS 51(7) 135 2019BAAS...51g.135K
van Zee, Liese Spectrum Management 2019 BAAS 51(7) 136 2019BAAS...51g.136V
Eikenberry, Stephen The Cosmic Accelerometer 2019 BAAS 51(7) 137 2019BAAS...51g.137E
Trouille, Laura EPO Vision, Needs, and Opportunities through Citizen Science 2019 BAAS 51(7) 138 2019BAAS...51g.138T
Matheson, Thomas ANTARES: Enabling Time-Domain Discovery in the 2020s 2019 BAAS 51(7) 139 2019BAAS...51g.139M
Elvis, Martin The Case for Probe-class NASA Astrophysics Missions 2019 BAAS 51(7) 140 2019BAAS...51g.140E
Apai, Daniel Nautilus: A Very Large-Aperture, Ultralight Space Telescope for Exoplanet Exploration, Time-domain Astrophysics, and Faint Objects 2019 BAAS 51(7) 141 2019BAAS...51g.141A
Berea, Anamaria The Social Sciences Interdisciplinarity for Astronomy and Astrophysics — Lessons from the History of NASA and Related Fields 2019 BAAS 51(7) 142 2019BAAS...51g.142B
Stahl, H Philip Multivariable Parametric Cost Model for Ground and Space Telescope Assemblies 2019 BAAS 51(7) 143 2019BAAS...51g.143S
Trouille, Laura Citizen Science as a Core Component of Research Infrastructure 2019 BAAS 51(7) 144 2019BAAS...51g.144T
Hamaguchi, Kenji A Space-based All-sky MeV gamma-ray Survey with the Electron Tracking Compton Camera 2019 BAAS 51(7) 145 2019BAAS...51g.145H
Desai, Vandana A Science Platform Network to Facilitate Astrophysics in the 2020s 2019 BAAS 51(7) 146 2019BAAS...51g.146D
Lee, Adrian The Simons Observatory 2019 BAAS 51(7) 147 2019BAAS...51g.147L
Schloerb, Peter A Decade of US Community Access to the Large Millimeter Telescope Alfonso Serrano 2019 BAAS 51(7) 148 2019BAAS...51g.148S
Bennett, David Community Involvement in the WFIRST Exoplanet Microlensing Survey 2019 BAAS 51(7) 149 2019BAAS...51g.149B
Taylor, Patrick Planetary Radar Astronomy with Ground-Based Astrophysical Assets 2019 BAAS 51(7) 150 2019BAAS...51g.150T
Lynch, Ryan Advanced Capabilities for the Green Bank Telescope 2019 BAAS 51(7) 151 2019BAAS...51g.151L
Stahl, H Philip Method for deriving telescope specifications for Earth-detecting Coronagraphs and its use in prioritizing technology development investments 2019 BAAS 51(7) 152 2019BAAS...51g.152S
Monnier, John A Realistic Roadmap to Formation Flying Space Interferometry 2019 BAAS 51(7) 153 2019BAAS...51g.153M
Miller, Bryan Infrastructure and Strategies for Time Domain and MMA and Follow-Up 2019 BAAS 51(7) 154 2019BAAS...51g.154M
Whelan, David The Importance of Telescope Training in Data Interpretation 2019 BAAS 51(7) 155 2019BAAS...51g.155W
Kallman, Timothy Laboratory Astrophysics Needs for X-ray Calorimeter Observatories 2019 BAAS 51(7) 156 2019BAAS...51g.156K
Ridgway, Stephen Revitalizing the Optical/Infrared Interferometry Community in the U.S. 2019 BAAS 51(7) 157 2019BAAS...51g.157R
Mandt, Kathleen E. Advancing Space Science Requires NASA Support for Coordination Between the Science Mission Directorate Communities 2019 BAAS 51(7) 158 2019BAAS...51g.158M
Heap, Sara The Probe-class mission concept, Cosmic Evolution Through UV Surveys (CETUS) 2019 BAAS 51(7) 159 2019BAAS...51g.159H
Douglas, Ewan CubeSats for Astronomy and Astrophysics 2019 BAAS 51(7) 160 2019BAAS...51g.160D
Gorjian, Varoujan Maximizing Science Return of SmallSats with Programmatic Support 2019 BAAS 51(7) 161 2019BAAS...51g.161G
Chambers, Lauren A Different Kind of Dark Energy: Evidence for Placing Race and Gender in Physics 2019 BAAS 51(7) 162 2019BAAS...51g.162C
Crooke, Julie Funding Strategy Impacts and Alternative Funding Approaches for NASA’s Future Flagship Mission Developments 2019 BAAS 51(7) 163 2019BAAS...51g.163C
Morgan, Lawrence A Beam-Forming Receiver for the GBT at 23 GHz 2019 BAAS 51(7) 164 2019BAAS...51g.164M
McIntosh, Scott Investigating Coronal Magnetism with COSMO: Science on the Critical Path To Understanding The “Weather” of Stars and Stellarspheres 2019 BAAS 51(7) 165 2019BAAS...51g.165M
Madsen, Kristin HEX-P: The High-Energy X-ray Probe 2019 BAAS 51(7) 166 2019BAAS...51g.166M
Scowen, Paul PolStar – An Explorer-Class FUV Spectropolarimetry Mission to Map the Environments of Massive Stars 2019 BAAS 51(7) 167 2019BAAS...51g.167S
Wolf, Aron Applications of Microthrusters on Astrophysics Missions with Demanding Jitter Requirements 2019 BAAS 51(7) 168 2019BAAS...51g.168W
Zellner, Nicolle Committee on the Status of Women in Astronomy: Towards Eliminating Harassment in Astronomy 2019 BAAS 51(7) 169 2019BAAS...51g.169Z
Zellner, Nicolle Committee on the Status of Women in Astronomy: Advancing the Career Development of Women in Astronomy 2019 BAAS 51(7) 170 2019BAAS...51g.170Z
Jones, William The Enabling Capabilities of the Super Pressure Balloon Platform: Diffraction-Limited, Wide-field Imaging from the Stratosphere 2019 BAAS 51(7) 171 2019BAAS...51g.171J
Wakely, Scott The Next Generation Magnetic Spectrometer in Space: An International Science Platform for Physics and Astrophysics at Lagrange Point 2 2019 BAAS 51(7) 172 2019BAAS...51g.172W
Tumlinson, Jason The Next Great Observatories: How Can We Get There? 2019 BAAS 51(7) 173 2019BAAS...51g.173T
Jahoda, Keith Cal X-1: an absolute in-orbit calibrator for current and future X-ray observatories 2019 BAAS 51(7) 174 2019BAAS...51g.174J
Heyl, Jeremy The Colibrì High-Resolution X-ray Telescope 2019 BAAS 51(7) 175 2019BAAS...51g.175H
Pesce, Dominic Extremely long baseline interferometry with Origins Space Telescope 2019 BAAS 51(7) 176 2019BAAS...51g.176P
Pineda, Jorge L. The Far-Infrared Astronomy Stratospheric Balloon Facility (opted out of BAAS publication) 2019astro2020U.177P
Burns, Jack FARSIDE: A Low Radio Frequency Interferometric Array on the Lunar Farside 2019 BAAS 51(7) 178 2019BAAS...51g.178B
Hylan, Jason Managing Flagship Missions to Reduce Cost and Schedule 2019 BAAS 51(7) 179 2019BAAS...51g.179H
Tollerud, Erik Sustaining Community-Driven Software for Astronomy in the 2020s 2019 BAAS 51(7) 180 2019BAAS...51g.180T
Jahoda, Keith The X-ray Polarization Probe mission concept 2019 BAAS 51(7) 181 2019BAAS...51g.181J
Squires, Gordon Making the Case: Principles for Workforce, Education, Public Outreach and Communications (WEPOC) 2019 BAAS 51(7) 182 2019BAAS...51g.182S
Denning, Kathryn Preparing for the Discovery of Life Beyond Earth 2019 BAAS 51(7) 183 2019BAAS...51g.183D
Megeath, S. Thomas The Legacy of the Great Observatories: Panchromatic Coverage as a Strategic Goal for NASA Astrophysics 2019 BAAS 51(7) 184 2019BAAS...51g.184M
Bianco, Federica Better support for collaborations preparing for large-scale projects: the case study of the LSST Science Collaborations 2019 BAAS 51(7) 185 2019BAAS...51g.185B
Belikov, Ruslan Imaging Earth-like Exoplanets with a Small Space Telescope 2019 BAAS 51(7) 186 2019BAAS...51g.186B
Simons, Douglas The Future of Maunakea Astronomy 2019 BAAS 51(7) 187 2019BAAS...51g.187S
Gorski, Krzysztof Planck-scale physics vs Galactic astrophysics – on the need and requirements for the high-quality full-sky low-frequency microwave polarization survey 2019 BAAS 51(7) 188 2019BAAS...51g.188G
Allen, Lori The NOAO Mid-Scale Observatories 2019 BAAS 51(7) 189 2019BAAS...51g.189A
Short, Kendra NASA’s Focused Starshade Technology Development and its Synergy with Future Mission Concepts 2019 BAAS 51(7) 190 2019BAAS...51g.190S
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